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Cabrito. A bar you need to visit. When I think of the Greenpoint strip, no good bars come to mind. Yes there is the Slug & Legless, but apart from that there really isn’t much going on in that area in terms of watering holes. Restaurants open, restaurants close. Cabrito, which opened last week (and probably won’t be closing any time soon), [...]
Stay at the Badenhorst Family Cottage, Swartland The Swartland region isn’t always the first place I think of when I want to get away for a weekend. The Badenhorst farm is situated on the Kalmoesfontein Farm just before Malmesbury on the R45. It only takes just over an hour to reach the farm from Cape Town. The cottage was originally the winemakers [...]
Dining at Overture Restaurant, Hidden Valley Overture has been on the “restaurants to eat at list” for quite a while. For some reason I keep forgetting about the place. It’s tucked away in Stellenbosch next to Ernie Els Wines and Webersburg. I don’t really want to go into great detail about the food because I don’t want this blog [...]
Monocle 24 has been “broadcasting” for over a year now. I’m a big fan of their monthly magazine though sometimes I feel it’s a bit hit and miss with regards to its content and my tastes. I’ve been listening to their various radio shows now for the past few months and I utterly [...]
Los Muertos Motorcycles I’ve been dying to visit this place since I first heard Brad Armitage was setting up some form of “bike customs” shop. Cape Town isn’t short of artisans, but bike customs seems like the sort of thing which was missing. The “cafe racer” bike movement is gaining momentum in SA. More and [...]